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Welcome to Sonshine Preschool!

Our mission is that each child come to know and experience God's love, to learn to interact in a positive way with others and to feel self-confident.

In addition to this web page, you can now find us on Facebook!

You can also contact us at:
phone: 440.886.7485
8971 West Ridgewood Drive, Parma Heights, OH 44130


Let the "Son" Shine!

Here is a glimpse of “son”shine as experienced at this non-profit, self-supporting Christian preschool for 3 through 5 year olds:

About Us

We are licensed by the state of Ohio and supervised by Parma Heights Baptist Church. We believe our purpose is to help children prepare for kindergarten through a variety of activities and learning experiences.

We want each child to become excited about learning and develop a strong self-image, which will help him strive and work to overcome obstacles. Each day offers opportunities for success and growth.

Typical Day

Class starts with freeplay and a craft. After clean-up, we say the Pledge of Allegiance and pray.

In circle time we choose the day’s special helpers. A story or singing together helps the children work in a group and learn the self-control of sitting quietly and waiting for a turn to participate.

Snack is a favorite time. We provide water to drink and the snack unless a child wants to bring a special treat for birthday or because he has baked at home with Mom. We choose water because it is good for the children and often a “new” beverage to them.

After a brief rest on the rug, the class may exercise, go to the gym, or move into group time with Bible story or academic lesson.

An important part of their learning is an awareness of God – that He created them, loves them, and wants to be part of their lives. What awesome security to share with a child—that he is uniquely special to God. 

preschoolThe school year moves quickly from mid-September to the end of May. We enjoy getting to know our families and work hard to help the children develop a respect for one another, their parents, themselves, and the Lord.

We give them the security of structure in the classroom and the fun of play and academic learning. We consider it a privilege to serve the community through Sonshine Preschool.



Enrollment Form & Health Information (PDF)

School Information (PDF)

Full Application Form (PDF)

Medical Form (PDF)

Drop off the completed form(s) at the Preschool office, or fax it to 440.886.7484.

Activity Highlights

There are several highlights in the year that we celebrate together.

October: Fall Festivals

Parents are invited to share games, snack, and a special feature with their preschooler. We choose to celebrate harvest and God’s goodness in place of Halloween.

Thanksgiving Feasts

Our Thanksgiving Feasts bring classes together to share as in the first Thanksgiving where Mother Goose pilgrims, Peter Panda Indians, Critter Express turkeys, and Noah’s Ark pumpkins bring their class contribution to our shared “feast” of chicken soup, biscuits, homemade butter, and pumpkin cookies.


Our focus at Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s birth in our lessons and evening choral program for families.

Other Highlights

Valentine parties, Easter Egg hunts, and Zoo Day. Our year ends with closing programs and picnics. We share snippets of a classroom session, award diplomas, and eat hot dogs and finger foods.

Class & School News

November 2015

Critter Express AM - November 2015

Critter Express PM - November 2015

Mother Goose - November 2015

Noah's Ark - November 2015

Peter Panda - November 2015

Sonshine Newsletter - November 2015

2015 Important Dates

There are several highlights in the year that we celebrate together.


Election Day - No School
Tuesday, November 3

Feast Days
Monday, November 23 and Tuesday, November 24


T-TH Christmas Program
Thursday, December 3, 7:00pm

MWF and 5-Day Christmas Program
Friday, December 4, 7:00pm

T-TH Christmas Parties and Last Day Before Break
Tuesday, December 15

MWF and 5-Day Christmas Parties and Last Day Before Break
Wednesday, December 16


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